CAE Homework

Next I show you part of the writings I’ve done for my CAE Preparation Course this year.

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Tina was very excited when she heard that she had won the prize…..

 …. Tina was 82 when the CEO of the company phoned her to say that she was the lucky person with the award. By then, she had spent more than sixty years saving for her funeral. She remembered how her grandmother had paid the first installment of her insurance policy to a local company when she was just 18.

    Two months before Tina won the prize, the first thing she thought when she saw the advert, was that would be paradoxical that precisely her, after 64 years saving money for a funeral, was the person that would win a funeral, that was exactly the prize for those people answering the question shown in the advert of the paper correctly. A question that an undertaker’s had put in with the aim of attracting customers to the company.


– a review –

    If you think that a childhood full of lack of love, a father in jail and problems with drugs, is the plot of our book review for this week, you would be mistaken. This is the life, the real life of Zacharias Cooper, the inmate that is behind ‘Let me between cottons’, the unprecedented success of this season. Cooper has, unfortunately, that valuable treasure that all writers wish to have; time, and has spent his last ten years researching in the prison library -where he still continues nowadays-, elaborating a wide range of characters and a good handful of vivid landscapes.

    The novel, a saga, tells the story of Angela, a woman marked by her surname and her family businesses. The author develops the plot thanks to a pile of letters that Angela finds in the attic of the family mansion just on the previous day to her wedding. By being immersed in this scenario is how the reader finds out Angela’s great-great-grand-father, one of the last slaves of the cotton’s crop on South Carolina and the founder of the cotton empire that Angela had just inherited at the age of thirty.

    If you want to know why the discovery of these letters is a turning point in Angela’s life, and why after she knows the real story of her family, she takes the firm decision not just to cancel her wedding forever -even refusing the love of her life-, but also to be the last descendant of the family and the cotton empire; then, log out Facebook, pop in to your favourite bookshop, pick up ‘Let me between cottons’ and, like Angela, be prepared to abandon everything, even Facebook !!.

Weekend homework of my nephew
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    I am writing to this local newspaper to find someone that could help me to know a little bit more about a woman who lived at the beginning of the 20th century.

    I have just moved to an old house at number 121 in Orange Medlar St and there, in the attic, I have found a pile of letters written by a white young woman completely in love with a black man. This must have been a difficult or maybe impossible relationship, because all the letters I have found in the attic were returned unopened by the addressee.

    In the letters she refers to him as a very important and influential person in the city. Also you can notice throughout the letters that she was aware that inhabitants of the city would see their affair as a scandal. Then he must have had a significant role in the place as the mayor or the bishop.

    So, if you think that these details might fit in with perhaps an old and secret story that has been kept hidden in your family for such a long time, please, contact the paper as soon as possible.

Henry and Michael
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    If you want to witness how an awful host can ruin, in just 45 minutes, what in principle seemed like a good entertainment idea, please sit down on your best couch on Fridays from 8 to 9 pm, turn the television on and put on Channel XXI.

    ‘The hour of the films’ is a quiz where two contestants have to guess the title of a film, after they listen to just the dialogues of several scenes of the film, but without watching it on a screen. On the whole is an interesting idea, maybe it would be better for a radio programme, because the main peculiarity of the quiz is that the contestants can’t watch the scenes of the movie. But anyway it is gripping as long as the presenter keeps his mouth shut, because when he speaks it is just to tell bad jokes or to show his poor knowledge about films in general.

    So if you don’t mind bearing the host for three quarters of an hour, it would be entertainment for a Friday evening. On the other hand, going to the dentist would be less painful than listening to this guy.

    Note: Here you can see my FCE homework from last year.

    Summer is here, from today on the days are getting shorter and shorter. The forecast for this summer isn’t very good, all meteorologists are forecasting that this summer is going to be hotter than last year. Actually this June is being, so far, hotter than previous ones. Lord have mercy upon us !!

    Today Summertime…

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